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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My experience with making money online

Ok I got interested in making money online while watching an ebay commercial on TV during the summer of 2008, yeah I know and ebay commercial. So I started doing some research that night on how people make money online with ebay.

The simplest way: Is to sale your own stuff, things you don't want or things of value that you think would make money online. For me it was old video games/systems that I had and thats what sold for me. I made about 500 dollars selling just old games I had.

Take good pictures of items you are selling and try to be as specific as you can about the item, if the item has a history feel free to describe it as best as you can.

Just keep in mind when you ship make sure you use package materials that wont break or tear during shipping. Make sure to add shipping insurance and Tracking that way customers know that you actually care about their items and maybe they will buy from you again if they have a good experience the first time.

PayPal: For people who have never sold or bought on ebay Paypal is probably the safest way to sale and buy on ebay, its fast and easy and all you really need is a checking/bank account. Paypal allows secure transaction between the buyer and the seller and I highly recommend it for people trying to buy and sale. For salers be aware that Paypal has policy's in which you should abid by. They charge a small fee everytime someone purchases something for you. Make sure when you ship that the buyers address is Confirmed!!! otherwise if the package is lost and never shows up you are not liable for a charge back.

For more experienced users: For people who want to take saling to the next level, I would recommend finding a Drop Shipping service or Supplier that has good products for you to push.

What is a Drop shipping service and Suppliers?: A drop shipping service and supplier is a company that lets you take their products, and publish them on sites like ebay where you can sale them for higher rates. Keep in mind make sure that whatever you are saling whether it be a guitar or electronics that the supplier has a lot of quantity, because what ends up happening is lets say they only have 10 left of whatever product you are trying to push, and you post it up sometimes other sellers get to the product first and they go quickly so you have nothing to sale and you have to give your customer a refund.

A drop shipper also packs and delivers the item to whoever you want. So lets say you sale something on ebay from a supplier, you purchase the product once you have the money in your paypal account, send it to the address shown on paypal to the buyer, and pay for it with the money they give you. Now whatever money is left over is your keep. In better terms lets say you sale something on ebay for 50 dollars but you purchased it from the supplier for 25 dollars, you keep the difference once shipping and fees are paid, could be the entire 25 dollars could be 15 dollars it just depends on the product and the demand on it.

Ebay Stores: Ok I tried ebay stores for a couple of months and I would have to say its good for people who can afford to keep the store going. The first month is free after that its 15 dollars a month but that is for a basic store. Pro stores cost more but you get a lot more options. Stores let you keep track of things like inventory, sales reports, ect. If your making good sales and can afford to keep up the payment for a store I say do it because its worth it.

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