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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My experience with ebay

Ok well I attempted and failed at making money online with ebay as consistent thing. You really have to find and push products that consumers want, whats the in thing? whats not? what is the most searched thing?? usually power sellers take advantage of this by posting up multiple items on ebay that are generally all the same. Most auctions are "But it now" format which most people take advantage since most people don't like waiting to see if they win or lose an auction and its just easier for people to get what they want quicker.

Myself I did make money online with ebay but I couldn't keep up with how much the drop shipper/supplier was charging me per month, Im just a college student and am barley making it as is so I couldn't afford to keep my ebay store and pay the 50 dollars a month i was paying to the supplier.

I tried making money online with ebay for a few months and I say it was nice the extra cash I had but in the end I was spending more than making so I had to give it up. Don't let this bring you down many people can be successful on ebay they just have to find a nitch something they can sale that wont go overlooked.

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